Gardena Water System lost connection every few days

Hy there,

i’m using a gardena irigation computer connected with bluetooth to my HA hub.
now, because the HA hub is on the third floor, i extended my bluetooth signal with esp home “bluetooth proxy” on the ground floor where the gardena irrigation computer is located.
the comunication between the gardena computer and HA looks good signal are comming ans so everything seems to be fine…

after few (i would say… im not so sure) days the connection is lost so the gardena computer just dont send any signal like baterry status and so back to HA hub…

i also have to say that in this time the computer had no trigger to open the water walve cause it was/is raining here for the moment i had installed the gadget.
so it’s just outside in the garden and have nothing to do in that time.

any advice what could be the problem? and how to solve it? maybe it’s not the computer but the esp32 board with the bluetooth proxy configuration??

thank you all in advance