Garmin Connect Integration - Errors

I’d be just as happy to see it come in through HACS… :expressionless:

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Probably should’ve checked here before removing the integration and trying to re-add. Now I have to sit and look at orphaned entries…


Thanks for the info tho.


I also deleted the integration and now cannot have garmin back in HA…

smae error in authentication:

just a little more patience, the fix is coming close, as you can see on Git. It’s in awaiting approval state.

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To be honest I also think about removing my integrations (also the pending ones, and new ideas) from core code and move to HACS.

I think, I’ve seen enough the last two weeks following you very closely, so I fully understand you choice, if you do so… :wink:
Anyway, as long, as I can, I will support you. Your work makes my life easier, and I’m really thankful for that.

BTW., your coffee is getting cold… :stuck_out_tongue:

Fix is now approved and announced for the next release :wink:

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it’s not in the current beta release though, right? the integration still fails for me on the beta…

edit - new beta b5 just appeared in my test instance…

can’t add multiple accounts - is this something you plan to support again in future releases?


Today installed new release, and i can confirm, the integration works again only partially. Only one account works correctly, second one is not accepted. I’ve contacted @rdnzl on GitHub, investigation is needed again.

Guys, please, applaud for Ron loudly, he is spending so much time on this! :wink:

For me with 2021.6 update, it seems with the integration I can login now, but the sensors will not update at all. Stays “Unavailable” I deleted the integration and reinstalled again but same issue.
Anything I missed here?

it’s working well for me with my account, but not for my wifes Lovelace view - that’s ok, she’s not as data driven as I am :slight_smile:

good job @rdnzl

you may find that some of the sensors have changed their names. a couple of mine went from _2 to no _2 … check in Developer Tools to make sure the names haven’t changed


Thanks for your advice.
Yeah, I thought that would be the case, but the names were not changed.
I have checked via Configuration->Integration->and selecting the sensor under
Garmin Connect box where I can see 80 sensors generated from this integration.

Looks great from here, all restored, just had to re-enable some default disabled sensors.

I’m having the same issue. I never had the integration working, so it’s not an issue of needing to be renamed.

2021.6.1 got the integration to partially work…
Some sensors are now available and they would update.
Others remain unavailable…
Working ones includes such as active.time, floors, stress, but heart.rate, body_battery sensors are all unavailable…

With 2021.6.2, it stopped working again. Deleted the integration, and will not accept
login credentials at the time to install. Message this time is “Unexpected error”

There was a log this time as,

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/garmin_connect/”, line 49, in async_step_user
username = await garmin_client.login()
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/garminconnect_aio/”, line 91, in login
AttributeError: ‘mappingproxy’ object has no attribute ‘update’

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Having the same issue, jumped straight from 2012.5.5 to 2021.6.2 and it continues to not work properly, just throws “unexpected error” when trying to set up the integration (I had it set up prior to 2021.5.5 but deleted it thinking it might fix it)

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Mine’s been hit and miss since 2021.6.2

Fitbit on the other hand is completely stuffed, doesn’t even get identified as a platform anymore …

It was working on 6.0. Not sure what happened, but it is broken now.

Working with 2021.6.0 and .1 but not .2 for me.