Garmin Connect Integration - Errors

Hi, my Garmin integration doesn’t work and I’ve got a lot of error like:

Error occurred during Garmin Connect get activity request: Error connecting
Didn’t receive data from Garmin Connect

It seems a problem with Garmin API, do you have similar problems?



Few days back Garmin changed their API and closed some calls.

For garmin integration developers here are some hints:

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I also have issues, two Garmin devices not updating anymore, all sensors are present but state Unknown.

yeah, me too, garmin device is no longer getting any updates

Ah I thought it was just me, same issues.

+1. Opened an issue on Github:

Hi Guys, it’s fixed in this PR
Reply from Frenck when it will be public:
I’m tagging it for the next beta, the next first available stable channel release is 2021.3.0 upcoming Wednesday.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Garmin changed their API slightly.
I don’t know if copying the garmin_connect folder from that PR and place it under custom_components will work in the mean time.


Fix confirmed, after the 2021.3.0 update Garmin works again.

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Me too, now it works perfectly.




Sorry for hijacking thread but anyone know if this integration is possible to be used with 2fa on? That option is bit of hidden in Garmin website but when I found the 2fa option and turned it on it is no longer possible to use Garmin Connect integration since the integration setup never asks the 2fa code but just fails the login. I do get the 2fa code correctly.

I get this when trying to add this integration (today).
I have the correct password, double cheched that.
Anoyone who have an idea of whats going on?


Is there maybe some API change again? Lost connection for two days now…

You’re not alone, same issue here (also trying to connect the account).

The same problem from this side, Garmin Connect integration login problem …

I also lost connection to Garmin yesterday or the day before
2021-05-19 09:53:20 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.garmin_connect] Connection error occurred during Garmin Connect login request: Error connecting

Staff is busy with solution…

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Garmin staff, or Home Assistant? The Garmin Integration was working great for one user, but a bit hit and miss for 2…

HA developers are having a hard time :wink: You can follow it on GitHub…

I couldn’t find it on GitHub…