Garmin Connect

I know this has been requested before, but not since the API became free from what I can tell.

The Garmin Health API captures data from all Garmin wearable, fitness, and some outdoor devices. It can be used to access both the all-day health data and fitness activity data from Garmin Connect™.

Looks like someone is working on an official integration:

The official one is now live in 0.105.0b0 (Beta channel: Hassio - System - Join beta)

It’s working like a charm, feel free to ask for help with setup. And thanks to the developer and HA community for making the integration possible (I have followed the work on Github and is blown away :heart_eyes:)

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Is it also possible to use the weight that my Garmin Index Smart Scale uploads to Garmin Connect?

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I would also like this. It’s strange that the garmin integration syncs so much but does not sync this. Maybe it’s a limit to the api?

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How can i make it update more frequently? It seems that my updates take 2-4hrs :flushed:

Just adding to this as update rates seemed to have slowed to a crawl lately. Is there any way to increase the refresh or update rates so that HA shows more accurate levels than at 8 hours ago when I only did 87 steps?

Same question here please, would be good if it could update at least once an hour.

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