Gas boiler : EtherNet ready made solution?

as is widely known :slightly_smiling_face: in a gas boiler in the simplest case, a jumper is installed instead of a thermostat relay and the boiler operates depending on the water temperature sensor in the system

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the gas boiler located outside area which supported by Bosch Siemens etc and would like to avoid uncontrolled servers

this why HA + CloudFlare soution seems the best

the question

looking for solution - buy + install - a HA EtherNet RJ-45 relay (dry contact will advantage to avoid contactor + PoE too to avoid additional socket) which can simply installed

as you can see it is a lot free space inside the boiler control box so relay can be install easily

the idea is to use a relay Normally Closed contacts
if something goes wrong in the HA app, it is assumed that the relay NC contacts will be closed and the boiler will work

if everything is in order in the Smart Home system and the temperature is above +15 C, then the relay NC contacts will open according to the HA scenario and the boiler will not work

all this is done in case of a long absence of more than 4 months

if there are any better solutions about which I simply could not get and read, I will be grateful for advice on where to look

the technician who will mount can assemble the simplest circuits but will not be able to program

HA management should be simplest as possible

solutions based on ZigBee or WiFi are understandable, but I want to avoid and stretch EtherNet RJ-45 cable to the gas boiler

perhaps someone has already done this solution or wants to do it

thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas on the topic

Have you checked if OpenTherm is an option?

aceindy :+1: thank you, will contact diyless shop and try BUT anyway looking for LAN RJ-45 solution

SR-201 with configuration.yaml works well


  • platform: command_line

    friendly_name: relay_ETH_162 gas boiler
    command_on: “echo -n 11:65535 | nc 6722”
    command_off: “echo -n 21:65535 | nc 6722”
    command_state: “echo -n 00 | nc 6722”
    value_template: >
    icon_template: >
    {% if value_json.config.on == true %} mdi:toggle-switch
    {% else %} mdi:toggle-switch-off
    {% endif %}

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: if someone suggest :pray:the better solution to control the EtherNet relay