Gas usage from energy dashboard as daily data for statistics graph/card?

Hi, I’ve got my gasmeter integrated into the energy dashboard, everything running smoothly. When I add the sensor/entity to a statistics graph/card, I can only get a continuously growing curve for the sum. So I cannot realistically combine it with the “per day” data that I have from my temperature sensors.

Is there a way to grab the gas usage data that the energy dashboard already shows as a “per day” bar chart also as daily data for the statistics?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Would like to know this too. My gas graph is also cumulative (if I make my own graph).
The energy dashboard has totals per hour, using exactly the same sensor. Do we need a calculated sensor somehow?

You can make one, with helpers (integrations)

i also want to know this. i want to know the consumption per 5 minutes

You can use a Statistics Graph Card for this. Turning the cumulative gas value to this

You can change the chart also to a line, change the period and days shown.

This would work if
a) I wouldnt have setup the original template helper to reset every 3 months (my mistake)
b) the gas company wouldnt have changed the gas meter in April to a brand new one that literally started at zero :smiley:

But thanks for the proposal, I also just realised that I didn’t post my solution here yet: after trying out various custom graph cards (which all had weird calculation glitches), I’m now really happy with


It does exactly what I want, and it seems to use the exact same logic as the energy dashboard cards.

The card looks like this now: