GasBuddy Integration


get your GasBuddy prices into HA with this HACS integration. Works really well!


I have this installed, and it seems to work, but how often does it update? I can’t find that information anywhere,

@AntiSane If you go to configure you can change the number of seconds (or minutes?). it’s in the settings for the integration.

I believe default is 4 hours

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Derp, missed that. Odd that you have to set up the polling time for each one individually. I was looking for an all-in-one setting.

Each one has a separate update coordinator.

Default interval is 3600 seconds ~ 1 hour.

How can i change the decimal place? gas is not 126/liter here… its 1.26/L

Canada right?
It’ll be reading in cents/L

yeah in Canada… i guess in my head i read convert it haha. my bad

No worries man, when @Anto79-ops showed me a picture of your petrol pricing up north there, I thought it was CAD rather than in cents :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t seems to DL it thru HACS, just expires without DLing anything. Anyone having that issue? I’ll try manually installing.

Can this pull latitude and longitude for each station so we can map it?

@firstof9 Yep, I’m having the same install issue. Documentation seems to be out of date with the use of terms like using “install button” versus “Download” and “Configuration” versus “Settings”

Lat/lon has been added as a sensor attribute in 1.0.6.

Should be fixed as of 1.0.6 with @lordwizzard’s assistance.

This is awesome! i just saw the change

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@firstof9 It is working correctly now. Thank you!

ok, I’ll retry!

Please any future feature requests, open an issue on github for it :slight_smile:
Makes it easier to track than a forum post.

Thanks and enjoy!

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