Gasmeter/ ESPEay/PulseCounter

Hello everybody,

I’m a little bit desperate. I would like to read my gas meter. This also works with an ESP (ESPeasy) and the PulseCounter.

1 pulse corresponds to 0.01m³

The total number of pulses are transmitted via mqtt:

   - platform: mqtt
     name: Gas meter_Verbrauch_pulse
     state_topic: "ESP_Easy / Pulse / Total"
     unit_of_measurement: "Pulse"
     icon: 'mdi: fire'

The Counter: Increment action should be triggered for each new pulse value. But I don’t have a suitable trigger to trigger this.

I also ask myself whether the counter also allows decimal places. No decimal places are currently displayed.

     name: gas meter
     initial: 2720.730
     step: 0.01

Unfortunately, I only see 2720 at the moment.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks and best regards

state_topic: "ESP_Easy/Pulse/Total"

Remove the spacing and double check capitalization. I don’t believe pulse is a valid unit_of_measurement.