Gate functionality with two gate-inputs

Would like to have a gate functionality to turn on lights based on IR-movement sensors, but only when it is dark (condition 1) and when follow-me-functionality is enabled (condition two).

And if i could get the PIR-sensor entity state and entity ID passed through when the gate is open i could connect all PIR-sensors to this gate and then sort the correct on/off states to corresponding light switches. This is, having just one Gate-entity instead of separate gate to every PIR & Light switch -pair.

Have tried simple Gates etch, but to no avail… probably need to have a function-block to achieve this?

Here is something similar:

To add to your post, you can now group binary sensors, which is typically how PIR sensors present themselves. If you want to extend the time off timeout for the sensors, maybe use a template sensor (YAML) with an off_delay.

I found this one very elegant and usefull for motion

I also have a wasp mode tutorial with Node-RED: