Gate lock suggestion

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Hello, all…

Any recommendations out there for a battery-powered exterior gate lock that works with Home Assistant? The wife is looking to get an iron fence installed in our front yard and I don’t have an easy way to run electrical service to the gate. I already have Z-wave devices deployed and I’m not opposed to building something with an ESP module but at this point I think I’d prefer something ready-made. Oh, and it needs to withstand the character-building weather of the upper midwest, USA.

Thanks in advance for your input!

I’m using a bulldog pedestrian gate lock now and am in the process of adding an esp8266 based NFC tag reader at the entry point to enable scanning in. The gate keypad has a dry contact that, when closed, opens the gate. The keypad also accepts 12vdc so I’m thinking I’ll run 12v out to the key pad to power the latch and then use one of those little nodemcu breakout boards that have a built in 12v buck converter.

Automatic Gate Lock (FM143) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

Would solar work? If so a motor on gate would effectively be lock. This is often used where I am but sun is in abundance.

May also be worth electrical. If you live midwest US I can imagine your wife wanting to hop out in winter the push open gate…then getting back out to close after pulling in.