Gateway VPN with Home Assistant

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Hello Folks,
I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 4, successfully installing the Home Assistant OS.
I was wondering, is there a way or addon in HA OS to setup the Raspberry as a VPN server, feeding all my devices under my network? Ideally I’d like to utilize ExpressVPN opvn since I already have a subscription but I’m quite open to alternatives.
I succeed in setting up the Raspberry as router with AdGuard, in order to block ads for all my devices but I can’t find anything in terms if VPN.
Don’t know if this might help but I have a Fritz!Box 7590 modem.
Thanks and Regards!

What are you trying to accomplish?

With that VPN setup, connection from HA OS to the ExpressVPN server will be secure, but from ExpressVPN IP out is over the public internet, i.e. not secure.

A rough diagram to illustrate.

HA OS -------->Secure VPN------->ExpressVPN-------->Unsecure ExpressVPN IP-------->Public Internet

I have installed.vpn on my asus router and specific mac numbers pushed trough the vpn.

Maybe you can install openvpn? I don’t know. I have HA installed in a docker on debian. So have access to a Linux os…

Unfortunately I cannot install an openVPN on my Fritz!Box therefore my idea was to set it up on the Raspberry letting it work as a Gateway VPN + DNS. I succeed with the DNS part but I’d like to know if I can make it work as Gateway VPN having Home Assistant as OS.

maby install rasbian buster and then install hassio supervised instead of hass OS then you can install openvpn server and pihole also on the same pi

I’m looking for the same thing. Any luck?