Gauge card gradient option

I love the new update on the gauge cards giving freedom of colour (color?) across the gauge.

I’d also love to see the following option, but lack the skill to code it myself.

type: gauge
entity: sensor.washing_machine_energy_meter_x
needle: true
min: 0
max: 1000
  start: '#ffffff'
  end: '#ff0000'

to give a result that looks something like this but without the hassle of computing all the steps and then typing them in (and potentially smoother - this is with 30 steps)

cropped Screenshot from 2022-05-10 a

Yes please!

Yes, this would be great!

There’s a tool linked here : Gauge Card: how to get a gradually changing color? - #24 by DanishDude

That allows you to build gradients, just remove the severity section in the card yaml and replace with the generated code.