Gauge card strangely displayed

Hi everyone, relative newbie here!

My temperature gauge cards have been displaying strangely for the past weeks and it only seems to be an issue on my iPhone. I have reinstalled the home assistant app, but was not successful in making them show correctly.

If anyone has encountered this “bug” and found a solution I would greatly appreciate it😊

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Try CRTL-F5 first

Doesn’t work, I have tried to reinstall the app, seems to be on my iPhone only. The issue persist at in the official app, safari and chrome. But it all looks fine on android and safari for Mac.

Anyone know how to fix this, it’s driving me nuts :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue with my UCP battery display gauge. The color is not aligned with the arc shape.

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Same here HA app on iPhone all gauge cards are displaying incorrectly - did a reset of the UI cache - no change

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hi same trouble on all IOS Navigator ou app

Home Assistant 2021.12.3

IOS 15.2
working perfect on windows ou Android

same on Mac OS (Monterey) Home assistant app.


Got this is well. I also noticed that I was using a parameter called “title” that’s no longer available, but even after rename it to “name” the problem persist. My config is simple as:

entity: sensor.temperature_<xx>
max: 45
min: -5
  green: 16
  red: 30
  yellow: 1
name: Temperatura Externa
type: gauge