Gauge card with min and max range values

Hi everyone,

I’m creating a weather panel and I have some limitations with current cards.

For this reason I thought that this could be an interesting proposal for change gauge card, I am convinced that more than one person will be interested.



When would the extremes reset?

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Edit: also there’s a custom card that does this. It works with any sensor (not just atmospheric pressure):

@tom_l just what I have been looking for!

There are two possibilities to reset the extremes:

  • Use two external entities (that are self-managed)
  • Establish a temporary period on the card (12h, 24h, 1 week)

Yesterday I found this card that you mentioned, I like it but it doesn’t convince me at all because it doesn’t indicate the numerical values of the extremes, the color ranges and it also takes up more space. I don’t know, I think what I’m asking for is a good proposal to improve the native gauge.


Old school! I understand how it works!

I have translated these ranges into a text template that tells me whether rising rapidly and currently changeable.

I am just missing a gauge to mimic a proper barometric clock. I will have to learn some coding!

Edit: I have a trend / derivative to show 3 and 12 hour trend. The next thing is to incorporate forecast pressure into apex chart