Gauge value incorect


I have the following problem with the gauge widget and I have no idea how to solve it:
Gauge config in appdaemon/HADashboard:

 title: Main Panel
widget_dimensions: [110, 110]
widget_size: [1, 1]
widget_margins: [1, 1]
columns: 8
    use_comma: 0
    precision: 2
    use_hass_icon: 1
    namespace: default
    widget_type: gauge
    entity: sensor.grid_voltage
    title: Power Grid Consumption
    units: "W"
    low_color: 4CFF00
    med_color: FFD800
    high_color: FF0000
    min: 0
    max: 8000

Value from the sensor:
sensor.grid_power 1999.5

Gauge maxim display 235W

The maximum value displayed by the gauge is 235 …
What its wrong please?
Thanks a lot!

Ignore my tread guys I put the wrong sensor in config. Instead sensor.grid_power I use sensor.grid_voltage…

Everything its OK now…