Gauge with link to Amazon

I have a dashboard with gauges for all my sensors and switches to show the battery percentage.

What would be really handy would be to be able to link each one to the relevant battery on Amazon so that I could just click on a gauge to order more batteries once it got below a certain level.

Is that at all possible?

what using a vertical stack card

top one has the gauge in it

and the other is a markdown

content: >+

type: markdown

look like this

Not sure I get you on that one. This is what my dashboard looks like:

So, the bathroom switch takes some little coin battery that I can’t remember the name of. It would be handy, once that gets down to, say, 10% to just be able to click on that and be taken straight to the Amazon product page, or the Amazon search page to order them. I wasn’t sure if there was some way I could add something like:


As a parameter to the entry in my Batteries.dash file.

Looking round, I’m guessing a custom widget might do it. I just need to work out how to create one!