Gauges w/ Trends?

Have been going around in circles on how to solution this and think I’m probably missing some basics.

Objective: I would love to have a little trend indicator along with my temperature gauges. Like the red-triangle-small-up or blue-triangle-small-down based on the temp trend in the given room, ideally displayed right after the room name.

I’ve gotten as far as creating individual trend helpers (x2 per room), and conditionally concatenating the mini triangle to the sensor name if there’s a trend. e.g.,

J’s Room ⏷


  1. Creating 3 helpers per room (trend up, trend down, and new concatenated name) x 6 rooms seems not very DRY.
  2. I do not see a good way to color format the triangle. I can do it in markdown per the image above, but don’t see a way to pass that into gauges card.

My limited HA experience says there’s usually a way to do these things, but I’m not finding the right combination of tricks to stitch it all together.

Any tips or tricks appreciated.

Gauges offer no historical information, only current value. If you want to see the past perhaps rather than trying to hack this functionality into a gauge you could use a different card that actually shows you what you want.

e.g. Apex charts:

Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 08-57-23 Overview – Home Assistant Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 09-00-30 Overview – Home Assistant

Or even the core sensor card: Sensor card - Home Assistant

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Thanks for this Tom. Seems like a better route.

I started with history-graph but found it too busy to really give me the “at-a-glance” punchiness I was looking for.

But with all the customizing of apex, I think this will do nicely.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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