Gdacs sensor at 0.0 km

not really sure it is since HA 115, but all many of my geo_location sensors created by the GDACS integration show with a state of 0.0 km.
The lat/long are correct, and they show up correctly in the map, but the state is wrong, which makes it rather difficult to create a notification based on the distance to the event…

anyone else seeing this?

or is it that the zone for which this alert has been issued, is so wide, my country falls within that zone, even though he epicenter is located quite some distance away (almost 400 km)

write up an issue on github for gdacs.

Can you please check if this is the same issue as this one:

Basically, if the GDACS event defines a rectangle/box around those countries listed and your location is within that rectangle then the distance will be 0km, not the distances to the latitude/longitude listed as the centre of the event.
Maybe it’s about time to change that behaviour?

That’s it. Sorry I missed that, no idea it has been going on that long already…

About change: well, yeah, I guess it would make more sense to have it measure the distance frome Ha instance to epicenter of the gdacs event.

Otherwise all events in Central Europe ( line my example) are 0.0km away from any location in Europe…

Thanks for considering

Finally found the time to fix this. Basically the new version of the integration library ignores bounding boxes defined for the event, and now solely relies on the point defined by the event (typically at the centre of the event).

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