GE 14294 and Single/Double Tap Node Events


Is there anyway to distinguish between a double tap and a single tap after you’ve made the proper group associations?

For example, I have this automation that I only want to trigger when the light is turned on via the physical switch:

- id: powder_room_sconce_default_brightness_level
  alias: Binding- Powder Room Sconce Default Brightness
  initial_state: 'on'
    - platform: event
      event_type: zwave.node_event
        entity_id: zwave.ge_14294_inwall_smart_dimmer_33
        basic_level: 255
    - service: light.turn_on
        entity_id: light.powder_room_sconce
        brightness_pct: >
          {% if is_state("input_boolean.night_mode", "on") %} 55
          {% elif is_state("input_boolean.twilight_lighting", "on") %} 65
          {% else %} 80 {% endif %}
        transition: 3

However, if I was to also enable double taps the basic_level would also be 255 so it appears I can only use group association for a single tap OR a double tap, not both. Am I missing something, I tried enabling debug in my logs and looking for clues as a way to distinguish from a single tap zwave event and a double tap but didn’t have any luck.

Also, I am intentionally not using the light state because I only want this to fire when the physical switch is pressed, not when controlled via automations or the HA UI.