GE Cafe Integration + Node-Red Problem

I am very new to both Home Assistant and Node Red, so am trying to wrap my head around several things at once. I have the GE Cafe (SmartHQ) custom integration by simbaja installed and functioning and have Node-Red working.

What I am trying to do is set up a flow to trigger my GE Cafe Hood fan & light to turn on when the GE Cafe oven cooktop is turned on. Yes, they should do that via bluetooth between the two–but the dumb devices keep losing the BT pairing and I’m tired of having to reset it every week.

I have a state node triggering off the cooktop on/off status and see it trigger ok. I am trying to get a service call node for each of the hood fan speed and hood light elements to change their state. I get the correct trigger routing to the service call nodes. However, those nodes throw an API error on me. I get the following errors:
Call-service error. extra keys not allowed @ data[‘0’]
Call-service error. extra keys not allowed @ data[‘payload’]

I am sure I’m just not formatting the Data field in the service call correctly, but I am out of ideas for what it wants. For example in the fan speed I’ve tried Medium, ‘Medium’, “Medium”, and various different JSON attempts (which I’m still wrapping my head around).

I have gotten a regular HA Automation working to achieve this, but I’d like to figure out the Node-Red flow. Does anyone know what format the integration wants? I have even looked at the Python source on the GitHub, but don’t know it well enough to puzzle anything out.

I figured out the issue. I’m sure it boils down to inexperience. I set the Data to {"option":"<option setting>"} and it worked. I could have sworn I’d tried that but apparently not.

It’s mostly working, but I now when I send the trigger to turn on the hood light it is also sending the command to the hood fan entity as well. So long as I don’t use the “High” setting it works ok, but with “High” the call to the light entity turns on both the light and fan to “High” I’ll put in a report on GitHub.