GE device unknown

I have a GE fan control that is showing up in OZWCP. I can turn the device on and off, but it identifies itself as GE Unknown: type=4944, id=3034. After doing some searching, I found two XML files that should fix the issue, but the thread was on an openhab forum. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get this resolved. I’m running HA 0.26.1

In general I would look at how to add a device to OZWCP since that’s the project HA is using for zwave support.

Did you ever get this working? I’ve got a GE Z-wave Fan Control and it is only showing the on/off option but no other controls. Did you try configuring it as 3 way dimmer switch?

I’d like an answer to this one as well. I have the same issue and being pretty new to Z-wave not sure how to resolve.

Has anyone had any luck with this one? I just installed it a few minutes ago. Some threads I’ve read talk about it presenting itself as a dimmer vs. a fan control, which might be part of the problem.

It looks like this was added to Open-ZWave a few days ago: It won’t be included in HASS until the library gets a new release, and there’s no telling when that might happen.

If you’re feeling up to it, you could clone Open-ZWave v1.5, cherry-pick that commit, and manually compile it. It’s not the easiest process but it should get you up-and-running.

That’s my PR :slight_smile:

It’s simply a one-line addition to manufacturer_specific.xml in the OZW config directory. The change is more cosmetic than functional, it now shows up as a Fan Control instead of Unknown.

<Product type="4944" id="3034" name="12730 Fan Control Switch" config="ge/12724-dimmer.xml"/>

I did get the device working fine with an input_select and some automation. There’s another thread in the last couple of weeks where I posted my config.