GE/Enbrighten Smart Dimmer 46203 / ZW3010 shows no brightness slider in HA?

Today I installed my first Smart Dimmer switch a GE/Enbrighten 46203 / ZW3010. I have several non-dimming GE switches such as the 1491 and 14292 throughout the house and those are working perfectly in HA. However, on the dimmer switch, I expected to see an intensity slider for the device under its Controls area but there isn’t one; just the on/off control. How does one control the brightness output of the switch via HA if not via the Control section of the device? Thank you.

The Controls section is just a plain entities card. Click the light bulb to see the brightness controls.


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Thank you! I never would have thought to click there. Don’t know if that is a recent change or not but some of the recent changes are making things very hard to find (for me anyway). Thanks again for your very quick assistance! Best regards.