GE Smart Home Water Filter HXWH70M

Has anyone done any work to get this pulled into HASS? It has cool features, remote water shutoff, water and filter level reporting through their app. Sure API is closed, but perhaps someone has been able to get into the backend of the Comfort - GE Appliances app.

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I am very interested in this product also, I understand it has an ethernet port on it, but it’s not designed for connecting it directly to your network; it’s meant to attach an external extended range wifi adapter. I am curious if anyone owns one and is able to locally control it via their network.

I have one but am just using their app for now.

I have initial support here at GitHub - bendavis/ha_components at water-filter-support - pictures on this pull request Add Support for GE Water Filters by bendavis · Pull Request #16 · simbaja/ha_components · GitHub. If anyone wants to give it a quick test.

Wow awesome. I’ll jump on it later today and give feedback

Using HACS, added your repo GitHub - bendavis/ha_components at water-filter-support which added without issue. I restarted, then tried to add device.

When adding device, I get:


Config flow could not be loaded

From the logs:

Logger: homeassistant.util.package
Source: util/
First occurred: 2:13:56 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 2:13:56 PM

Unable to install package gehomesdk==0.3.13: ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement gehomesdk==0.3.13 (from versions: 0.3.12) ERROR: No matching distribution found for gehomesdk==0.3.13 WARNING: You are using pip version 20.2.4; however, version 21.1.3 is available. You should consider upgrading via the ‘/usr/local/bin/python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip’ command.

Somebody still on this product? I have the same smart filter and would love to get it into HA.
When I try to use this integration I get: Config flow could not be loaded: {“message”:“Invalid handler specified”} :confused:

Still here @benhdavis ?