GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module with no configuration xml file

I just installed this product in Home Assistant (GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module, On/Off, Plug-In, 1 Outlet with Weather-Resistant Outlet Cover, Black, Hub Required, 14284, Works with Alexa). I find that I do not have an xml file for this product in this directory

Who would be responsible for updating Home Assistant with this information?

That isn’t a Home Assistant config, that is OpenZwave XML files you’re looking for.

Have you paired the device?
Is it not showing up in the <> menu for you to add to the UI?

When you look in the directory where the GE Z-Wave configs are stored (/srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.5/site-packages/python_openzwave/ozw_config/config
), the 14284 config is not there. This is an outdoor weather resistant outlet so I am guessing it is either new or not popular. Regardless, I did not populate this directory, it must be populated by GE somehow. The outlet shows up as “GE Unknown: type=4f50, id=3032” and IS functional. I trying to determine how to get the config file for this device installed in my directory.

I have paired the device.

Thanks much for your feedback.

Are you able to use/control the device? If so, openzwave should have generated the xml info needed in your zwcfg_0xXXXXXXXXX.xml file for the device and you can submit it to the openzwave project for them to add to the configs.

Yes, I can use the product.

Would I submit to

and you can post to their discussion boards here:!forum/openzwave

The process for adding support for devices to OpenZWave is explained here.

Thanks! I hacked in support for myself for a GE 12718 plug-in dimmer. I’ll have to read through that and try to do this officially.

That’s the link i was looking for thanks!

Sorry, but I am unfamiliar with GitHub and unable to submit my file, but will include it here if anyone who has the proper skill set has the time to add it to the database.
The file name is 14284-switch.xml.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Manufacturer id="????" name="GE">
    <Product type="4f50" id="3032" name="GE OUTDOOR PLUG-IN ON/OFF SWITCH"/>
<!--GE OUTDOOR PLUG-IN ON/OFF SWITCH - 14284: type=4f50, id=3032>
<Product xmlns=''>
	<!-- Configuration Parameters -->
        <!-- Association Groups -->
        <CommandClass id="133">
                <Associations num_groups="3">
                        <Group index="1" max_associations="5" label="Z-Wave Plus Lifeline" />
                        <Group index="2" max_associations="5" label="Supports Basic Set and is controlled with the local load" />
                        <Group index="3" max_associations="5" label="Supports Basic Set and is controlled by pressing the On or Off button" />