GE Z-Wave Switch no longer updating its status?

I have Home Assistant (Hassio) setup on an RPi3 with an Aeotec Z-Wave Plus USB dongle. There’s about a dozen or so GE Z-Wave switches and power outlets throughout my house which are all paired to the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus dongle and have been working fine for the past 3-4 months. However, recently I noticed one specific GE Z-Wave Switch will not update its status when I press the physical on button on the switch. Basically, I press the on button and the light turns on but Home Assistant shows the status as off. I’ve tried healing the node, healing the entire z-wave network and restarting the RPi3 but I’m still having the same issue. If I can, however, still turn it on/off via Home Assistant and that works fine. There’s another GE Z-Wave Switch next to it that works fine. Has anyone seen something like this before? Is the switch maybe just going bad?

This happened with one of my switches once. I tried everything you did but I had to remove the node and re-add it before it worked in Home Assistant again.

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Thanks for the info. I was hoping to avoid that but I just went ahead did the same thing. Everything seems to be working again.

Edit: Figured it out, has to be done from the Entity Registry section.

You can only rename it from the entity registry now (not sure if a bug or intended).

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Does anyone know what causes this issue? Just wondering if there’s something I can do different to prevent it from happening to other switches.