GE Zwave in wall light switch

Im curious as to if I am the only person that is or have had this issue. I have 1 GE Zwave in wall light switch installed. After installation the switch works as expected. But after a few months it stops working. When it stops working there’s nothing on the HA system I can do to get the device to work again. The only way I can get it to work is by resetting the breaker. I’m pretty confident it’s not HA since it works once the breaker is reset. Any insight?

I have the same switches and the same problem.

Thanks for your insight. Have you tried or had any success in your environment with any other switches?

I have not tried any other switches. There was such an investment in the ones that I have I didn’t want to change. I have documented which breaker goes to which switch and users are trained to reset the breaker if the switch is not working. I don’t like it and wish there was a better solution.

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