Geekpi picomate, raspberry pi pico W and esphome

I’m a Home assistant user since 2023, and i’m trying to add a new project to my installation.

I’m new to raspberry projects, however i know that a pico board can help me a lot in creating some automations.

For this purpose, and to learn prior to deploying my projets, i bought a geekpi deskpi picomate (a hat board for raspberry pico - New! DeskPi PicoMate for Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico W – DeskPi Store ) .
However, all their documentation is about python code! and their libraries too! (DeskPi PicoMate - DeskPi Products Wiki)

I found that a pico board is best used with esphome, which uses yaml.

Did anyone successfully used the geekpi deskpi picomate for testing purposes?

I’ve tryed the first element, the led, but nothing works for me :frowning: (it’s an RGB led)

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forums.

The website you linked lists the various modules you can attach - I assume that the base PicoMate is simply a breakout board that sends GPIOs to various Grove connectors.

You can look up each of the devices on the ESPHome website to see if they are supported:

  • 12 detachable and easy-to-use modules:
    • Push Button
    • WS2812 RGB LED
    • Rotary Encoder
    • Buzzer
    • Digital Microphone (ZTS6531S)
    • Digital PIR Sensor (AS312)
    • 6-Axis IMU Sensor (LSM6DS3TR-C)
    • Digital Optical Sensor (LTR-381RGB-01)
    • 3-Axis Magnetometer (MMC5603NJ)
    • Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SHT30-DIS)
    • 0.96” 128x64 OLED Display (SSD1315)

Not all of the devices are supported in ESPHome (the LTR-381RGB-01 for instance or the LSM6DS3TR-C) but others are or may work with some tweak.

I suggest you share your yaml for the WS2812 RGB LED and we can have a look.