Geeni device support?

Wal Mart recently started selling $10 Geeni smart Outlets, and I grabbed a bunch for lamps and various devices. Then, of course, discovered the wonderful Home Assistant platform.

Is there currently any way to integrate these devices? If not, this would be a huge addition for me, and maybe more as they prove to be great cheap devices.

Hello Somethingfunny! I can happily tell you that Geeni gets it’s API authentication from Tuya Smart. If you switch all of your devices from the Geeni App to Tuya, you can then add the Tuya Component into your config and boom let there be lights.

I have 7 Merkury/Geeni Lights and a switch. It works perfectly.

I hope this helps.


Thank you! For whatever reason, when I remove the device from the Geeni app and try to add it to Tuya, I can’t get past the ‘connect to device as wifi’ step on AP mode. I to to settings, connect to the Geeni plug, go back to the app, and where the Geeni app will recognize that I am connected and move to the next step, it just sits there on this screen:

Note that I also tried this with an out-of-the-box Geeni product and got the same results. Any ideas?

So you want to delete all of your lights from Geeni and create a new login with Tuya. If you’re using the same login from Geeni, the API authentication errors out during the sync. (That’s what I think is happening, lol.) Also, I would make the new account before deleting the devices, so you can just log into Tuya and pair all of the devices simultaneously.

One last thing, the devices are only compatible with the 2.4 GHz Network.

Hi somethingfunny, were you able to integrate your Geeni devices with home assistant? What are the results of your tests?


I got curious so I bought one of these Geeni wifi-lamps the other day. Worked like a charm. Didn’t even install Geeni’s app, only Tuya. I don’t really like that you have to connect to Tuya online though, and that you specify an online account for the Tuya sensor in HA. Ikea Trådfri seems like a better alternative then, plus that the lamps are really cheap. That will be my next investment.

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This seems to be the OEM API docs This maybe helpful

Same here, you figured out??

But theres no support for the geeni camera ?

I got 3 Geeni Lux light bulbs (Prisma is RGB bulbs, Lux is white-color only).
I’ve added them to the TuyaSmart app and can perfectly control them from the app.
When I add tuya to the configuration.yaml file with:

username: xx
password: xx
country_code: xx
platform: tuya/jinvoo_smart/smart_life/geeni

I get this error:

‘’'Invalid config

The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

Please check your config.’’’

I’ve tried with these 4 platforms tuya/jinvoo_smart/smart_life/geeni without luck…

Any tips? @peck @rjjrdadev

Hi all, I just got the Merkury cam today. I connected it via Smart Life but the camera does not appear on my HA. I do have several other devices (via Smart Life app) like plugs, lights, LED stripes and they DO appear on my HA. The camera does not. Any suggestions?

is there a way of doing it without the app and only using home assistant

I figured it out I will insert a photo of the instructions