Generac Backup Generator Status Monitoring

Had a backup generator installed this year. Has wifi capabilities but didn’t want to commit to the monitoring/cloud fee. Generator also sits on a side of the house we rarely pass by to see the status LED on the unit.

Using a wifi2ir global cache (ITach) to watch voltage to the gas solenoid, yellow, and red LED status monitors for hardware.

Had to run an external antenna since the entire thing is enclosed in aluminum:

Outcome is a pushbullet when the generator starts/ stops and if any status LED other than green sees any voltage.

Home Assistant made this easy to do. Let me know if anyone is interested in the configuration or automation yaml.

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Nice job. GC stuff is so expensive though (I have two Flex IP2IR units). I don’t suppose you want to hear that you could have done it at about a tenth of the cost with ESPHome :slight_smile:

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They’re probably easier to integrate too… Just happen to already have these laying around from other projects.

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Nice to re-use gear that is sitting in a drawer :slight_smile:

Take a look at this work I did last year with my generac generator Monitor your Generac generator with Home Assistant If you look at the genmon page referenced, you should be able to use this approach along with or instead of the wifi thing.

I’ll take a look… Perhaps I can call that “Phase 2”