General light scene for lights

is it possible to set up general scenes for lights including their settings for e.g. brightness and color and to apply this scene to several individual lights.

The idea is to generate one scene for lets say sleep mode with color and brightness settings and then to call the scene by include the entity_id on which light the scene shall be applied. That would avoid to create for every light its own scene with always the same setting.

Thank you in advance.

Home Assistant 101…

Thanks for your reply, Nathan.

It is unfortunately not that easy.
What I am triying to achieve to do somethink like this…

- id: '1644416110575'
  name: general sleep mode
      brightness: 100
      color_mode: color_temp
      color_temp: 425
      state: "on"

Then when calling the scene I would like to inject the entity_id to which the scene is applied.

Something like… when I would like to apply the scene to the hall light.

- service: scene.turn_on
          entity_id: scene.general_sleep_mode(light.hall)
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