General pointer for a custom card (Genius Heating)

Hi all,

Could anyone please point me to the simplest starting point (I’ll figure it out from there) for
making a custom Lovelace card control for my heating?

This is to work with the Genius API integration - and whilst the climate controls do work, they don’t totally map onto Heat Genius zones.

Basically, a zone may be in 3-4 modes:

Timed (to a schedule)
Boost/Override to Temperature X for Y minutes
Presence detection (“Footprint” mode) - optional

So what I’d like to do is a card that has:

  1. Setpoint Temperature plus Up/Down buttons
  2. Current temperature (RO)
  1. 3 mode buttons (Off Normal-Timed Override)
  2. Override time with Up/Down buttons
  3. Few secondary status indicators, eg battery.

There will be some interlocking logic - eg Mode != Override, hide Override Time controls etc - plus mapping certain states to certain widgets and mapping certain presses to service calls.

OK - could make a native custom card - but that’s a steep curve - I’ve looked at some github repos for custom cards.

Can this sort of thing be done with a customer:button-card or even a Manual card?

Cheers :+1:

  - 'off'
  - heat
min_temp: 4
max_temp: 28
  - boost
current_temperature: 29
temperature: 4
hvac_action: 'off'
preset_mode: null
  type: radiator
  mode: 'off'
  temperature: 28.979999542236328
    duration: 0
    setpoint: 13.5
friendly_name: Conservatory
icon: mdi:radiator
supported_features: 17

The boiler plate card is a great starting point to develop custom cards:

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Thanks mate - I will have a look at that immediately :+1:

I do code - but HA is new and when there might be more than one way to do things, it’s hard to know where best to invest the time learning.

Appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face: