General question: how can I (HA) control status of Integration?

Is there anyway to report an Integration stopped doing what it supposed to do. Many time I see entities exposed by a particular entities are all ‘unavailable’ or something… and I do not see any error/warning msg in log. How can HA report this situation? because currently I can only monitor status of those entities (all of them). it seems what I can do is only ‘reload’ this integration manually and then see status of those entities… How this all can be automated? The idea with Integrations seem simple while installation but odd to manage them . What do I miss?

There is a service to reload config entry. You can find the config entry id from integration entities or devices page in URL and use this as a parameter to respective service call.

      service: homeassistant.reload_config_entry
        entry_id: e6be78b46d6498efe2a30a16ed2f1e7d
      target: {}

But what should trigger this action? Should I use status of all entities of an Integration or what?

You can pick one volunteer entity and if it is unavailable, you can trigger this via automation. Or daily depending on the problem.

Sometime integration is in weird status ‘integration not ready yet; Retrying in background’. At this point the integration card has no option to ‘Reload’ and the service ‘reload_config_entry’ returns error ‘Failed to call service …’ . How to act in such a case?

I would suggest to find out the root cause, maybe you can try to disable and enable it back.

To enable HA needs to reboot… why integration management is so odd ??? Iam getting crazy!!

Start with creating an issue for integration

That is fine…but I thought there is a system watchdog for all integrations and I am just missing to set it up.

There is a watchdog for add-ons to restart them whenever needed.

There are also some retrial mechanisms for integration but if integration throws a non-retriable error, there is nothing left to fail.