General shout out to the entire HA community


Feel compelled to give a general shout out to this entire community. No particular individual, but as a whole, my home automation system is now at a stage where it is functional and reliable enough for the minister for war and finance to be more than satisfied with its operation!! ( its still tip of the iceberg capability, but bloody fantastic!!) - This has been achievable, based solely on the collective snippets of code, feedback, help, and assistance of those more experienced and knowledgeable than others.
I have only sought direct help on one or two occasions, as nearly all issues I have encountered, have usually been encountered and overcome already.

I hope one day to be able to provide similar assistance to those starting down this road.

  • Again, thank you to EVERY contributor.



Great feedback.
I’m just still laughing about the “minister of war and finance” comment. :wink:
Often mentioned in different threads as a common hurdle…

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I agree entirely and I have

on a lot more than

It is a cliché but it would be hard to imagine a more (for want of a better word) inclusive community.

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