Generate Automations using AI in a Website - BETA

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been working on something super cool lately, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Drumroll, please… :drum:

Introducing my new website that generates automations based on ChatGPT! :star2: It’s still very much in early stages, but I’m stoked to get your feedback on it. So, give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

Before you dive in, I recommend checking out the usage instructions and read the Advance section to generate better automations.

Give it a spin and let me know how it works for you. Your comments and thoughts mean the world to me. Together, we can make this automation generator even more awesome and stop writing automations manually!

Thanks in advance for your support, and happy automating! :rocket::house_with_garden::bulb:

I didn’t add a progress bar yet so it can take up to a minute max for a response

Website -

(Better Domain is part of the improvements I need to do :wink: )

Added Image from Node Red for Generated Light on Motion

Ah. OK. So nobody will actually understand how their instance of Home Assistant works. Are you sure this is a good idea? :thinking:

That’s pretty cool. As someone just starting with Node-red, this will really help me learn what each node can do.

this is currently the trend that HA is taking so why not add one more step to achieve that end.


to the OP…

how does the user validate that the AI is generating valid code and not (as it has shown to be already doing) just providing “close but not right” code to add to the users confusion of why their automation doesn’t work?

If a user doesn’t know how to write automations in the first place, how will they know if the AI code is correct or how to fix it if not?

Er… are we on the same forum? :rofl:

Sorry, I’m confused. I’d like to be in the joke tho. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe, I think, possibly, I was agreeing with you. maybe? :crazy_face:

Sorry! Been a long day… :flushed:

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To the OP:

Been reading your About page, and here we go again…

The website leverages GPT’s natural language processing to understand your requirements and generate detailed automation scripts.

No it doesn’t. GPT systems don’t understand anything. They build a statistical model of which words normally follow what other words, and then spin a stream of text out of it. Whether the output has any value depends on the prompt and on what they’ve been trained on. Garbage in, garbage out.

Home assistant community announced a rule earlier this year about posting solutions generated by AI. Not sure if OP’s idea falls in the same bucket.

I doubt it.

the rule is “don’t post solutions created by ChatGPT without disclosure that it was made by ChatPGT”.

Users go into this fully informed it’s a ChatGPT interface.

Sure, but when their automations won’t work and they’ll ask for support, they should disclose it was generated by an AI as well.
Pretty important to grasp the level of knowledge of the requester about his code…

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I completely agree with that… :+1:

It gets worse…

Say a user asks ChatGPT to write a HA automation. This is a pretty specialist area, so chances are a large proportion of the yaml examples ChatGPT has been trained on come from this forum. This means that:

  • At least half the examples used contain errors, because they come from the questions forum members are asking, not the answers.

  • Around 70% of the examples are out of date, because forum pages go back several years.

So. There’s a good chance the AI yaml will be wrong. As @koying says, the users will ask for suport. The incorrect code produced by ChatGPT will be posted on this forum. ChatGPT will use it for training… And so we go on down the rabbit hole. :exploding_head:

AI should be banned from this forum entirely.