Generate retrospective data for Statistics sensors

I’ve set up an statistic sensor to show the average value for TVOC sensor in the last 24 hours, but the average values before the statistic sensor is set up are not available, however the source data from the original TVOC sensor are actually there, is there a way I can ask HA to generate those result for me?

This may also be a feature request if there is indeed no present solution.

I have the same question. Want to use the AVERAGE or MEDIUM brightness from my roof weather station to automate the shades. This would avoid random shade open and closings based on sun peeking through the clouds etc. See you can use a Helper to combine multiple sensors together but not form within 1 sensor itself. I could write a manual function, but just seems there has to be a system native way to get an average/medium data from a sensor with a given time interval?