Generic Camera doesn't work on raspberry pi (ubuntu) but on windows


I integrated the RTSP stream (h.265) of a Hivision “DS-2CD1183G0-I” camera into Home Assistant with the Generic camera integration.

The live stream is displayed correctly in Chrome on my Windows PC.
On my Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu, the stream doesn’t start correctly and keeps trying to restart. So ends up in an endless loop.
All necessary files are loaded correctly.
Only the stream is not displayed and restarts every time.

No errors are displayed in the console.

I also activated the debug mode for the generic camera integration and then downloaded the log file.
This did not contain any entries from the integration.

Here is a video of the behavior on the Raspberry Pi:

What can be the reason?

Switch to h.264

That was also a consideration. Whether H265 is not supported.

Unfortunately I only have h.265 to choose from with the camera.
Does anyone know about the Hikvision cameras and knows whether I can also switch to h.264?

Or is it possible to support h.265 on the Raspberry Pi as well?

If it is a Pi4, you can try to add the following line to /boot/config.txt and reboot


(I don’t know if it will work on HA OS)

I added this to /boot/firmware/config.txt (Ubuntu) and rebooted.
Unfortunately that hasn’t changed anything.

Thanks for the help so far.

I just integrated another RTSP stream with h.264. This also works on the Raspberry Pi.
So it’s definitely up to the h.265 decoding.

The camera only supports h.265/h.265+ decoding.

So I have to see how I can enable h.265/hevc on the Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu.
Does anyone know more?

I wanted to write my solution here again.

On ARM devices it is currently not possible to play h.265/hevc with a browser (Chromium or Firefox).
Simply put, it wasn’t possible in my setup.

I just bought an x86 mini PC that runs my HomeAssistant and therefore also the h.265/hevc stream.