Generic cameras

Hi all,
First post here and a bit of a newbie to HA. I did try and do a search but couldn’t find too much that could help.
In a bid to get away from Google I purchased myself some cameras a few months ago that use a proprietary app known as Kement. I then discovered home Assistant and away down the rabbit hole I went with a pi 4B!
Working in IT and with Linux I’m fairly knowledgeable but still learning. I managed to get my thermostat and some smart plugs going fine, so far so good. Not had much luck with the cameras though. I tried the generic camera integration but couldn’t quite figure it out, mainly the RTSP address and login details for these cameras. They are just cheaper Chinese ones but good quality for the price.
They don’t really give much info so I’m struggling a little to get them added to HA even for viewing if not recording (I have a 16TB 4 bay NAS).
Could anyone shame me into showing some basics of how I can get them added?
Thanks in advance for any help!

It would probably be useful to post the cameras themselves.

See if your cameras support ONVIF. If they do make sure it is turned on in the cameras and use this integration:


If you’re after an example, here are some screenshots from mine. I have a Hikvision NVR with 4 cameras. Under system, camera mgmt I expose them to the mgmt IP as separate ports as follows:

Under HA, Generic Camera, I add 4 x separate cameras (changing port to match above) with stills (eg: refreshes every 10sec in HA which is fine for me) as follows:

(full URL for Hikvision is:

However yours may not be that simple, so ONVIF as Tom suggests is more likely to work (assuming ONVIF compatible) I also have a Chinese (aliexpress) “BS9425-AIP” using this. If the camera is on same network as HA, then add and choose to “search automatically” otherwise untick and add name, IP and creds

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Hi, Thanks so much for the suggestions and example they are much appreciated!
It looks like the cameras don’t support ONVIF unfortunately. Although I know the IP address of each camera it doesn’t look like they have a web interface only via the app. I tried a wireshark capture but it didn’t reveal much I could work with so I’ve asked the supplier/manufacturer to see if they can provide more details.
The model of the cameras are pretty vague hence me not providing it at first. The box states Shenzhen company and the camera it just listed as Q6. The doorbell (ran on the same app) it stated as N8. not much good for a google search haha!
I’ll see what the manufacturer comes back with, thank you all for your input once again!