Generic Ceiling Light conversion to Home Assistant


I build a little sandbox in my room to play and get into Home Assistant.
I’ve already set up some led stripes and esp’s now I would like to continue with little investment.

To get straight to the point, I have a ceiling light for almost 3years that I control with a 2.4G RF thingy, that you can control it with. But now really looking forward to getting this lamp into Home Assistant.

It contains a really simple Remote control driver (picture attached below)

So what already did is search up for some WLED Drivers but can’t find something that matched the 2 LED’S input and my input voltage.

Is there an existing all in one hardware piece that I can just order and replace or is some soldering involved with DIY esphome solution? I would really favour just replacing it with something instead of buying hardware and doing it myself. Easy would be just to have 2 Relais but then the dimming capability is gone.

Thanks in advance for any help to get started on this topic!