Generic IR or Broadlink HVAC control codes generator


I was too lazy to learn all combinations of my AC codes, so I started porting the Arduino heatpumpir library to Python and wrote an HA custom component for Broadlink controlled AC.
I have tested this with my Tadiran (Gree) and Electra (Midea).
I’d like to have some feedback on these and other protocols I have ported by now.
The component code is here:
And the code generator library is here:
The library generates a series of IR pulse durations that can be sent over any generic IR transmitter (IR led connected to RPI for example).


Looks like no one is interested. I wonder why :slight_smile:


I’m interested :slight_smile:
Could you add also Mitsubishi?


wait. what? were you able to control all Electra AC function without scanning them one by one?


That’s exactly what I did. I ported the program that is generating the correct codes for various ACs.


can you please guide me through? i really need your help. im also using Tadiran AC but it doesnt seem to work, i want to learn how to learn new codes


Please write the model number of your remote control (should be printed on it’s back).


thank you for the fast replay. i just realized my AC is Electra and NOT Tadiran.
the AC Model is EMD+ 50T
and at the back of the remote it says :
P/N 467200022R
Batteries: 2x1.5v
Size: AAA, LR03


Not sure I have support for this remote. Mine is RC-08B. But I am looking.


im using broadlink rm mini 3 i was able to learn the codes. look at pastebin
the problem is that i need to turn on the ac and then send the command.
i would like to send the command which will turn automatically the AC.
i believe i need to set the command (temp, speed etc) and only then to press and learn the “turn on” command,
it means i need to record all of my codes again /
is there any simple way to do so?

thank you


I will check the codes you sent and try to match them to some known protocol. If there’s a match, you will be able to use my component to control your AC.
You are right about learning the codes. You need to first set the parameters on remote and then learn the turn-on command, so it will be combined.


is there example how to use it?

I need codes for Midea AC (which also branded Saga/Tadiran/Tornado)

Remote Control: RG06C/BGEF


hey shporta
by change there are any news about it ?


Sorry, I was too busy last week. Will try to make something next week.


thank you אחי :slight_smile:


מישהו הצליח להפעיל מזגן אלקטרה עם שלט rc3
דרך broadlink ???


how ca i teach my broadlink those codes? did you manage in the end to operate your AC ?


Hi Guys,

Was there any progress with the Tadiran AC?
From what i see here shprota added codes for Tadiran’s and Electra’s General AC’s ( מזגן עילי) which is great, but is there a way to add Tadiran’s central AC units (מיני מרכזי) , I.E Wind/Wave series?
They use non generic remotes (buttons written in Hebrew).
Searching the net for the remote type does not help, however maybe i can help and post some pictures of the remote internal parts , maybe this can give you some clues.

Shprota, will that help you? :grinning:


I’m sorry for not being very helpful lately. Too much load with the current job.
What we can try is to decode the remote codes, so if you have them captured with Broadlink or some other transmitter, I could try looking at them and see if it is recognizable.


Well, i can try and capture some codes.
Will post once i will have it ready.
In the meantime, i found and interesting custom component called broadlink climate.
You can find in the folder there a Tadiran.INI file with ALL the code combination available for the remote (that guy literally mapper every set of code :astonished:).
I do not know if that’s my AC type but from looking inside the file i recognized the AC model as one of Tadiran’s central AC’s.