Generic MJPEG IP Camera - remove bottom banner

I have a couple of cameras that I am pulling into Home Assistant from Blue Iris. On the bottom of each camera, I have a light grey translucent overlay that has the camera name and the word “Idle”. No clue why it even shows the word Idle, that must be the state of the camera I guess.

Is there any way to remove this overlay? While it doesn’t really affect anything in this camera, I have other cameras where it really gets in the way, and I already have my cameras labeled within the video feed, so no need to double label them.

Configuration looks like this:

camera backyard:
  - platform: mjpeg
    mjpeg_url: http://camera-server.home/mjpg/back
    name: Backyard


As per the lovelace component description

            show_name: false
            show_state: false

Works perfectly, thank you!