Generic question - hardware

I should preface by stating I am quite the programming noob. I’ve picked up a little here and there, mostly from having a Ninjablock.

The NB has effectively been bricked for a little over a year, and a lot of my automation went with it. I am now finally looking into bringing it back. But all that time away, I’ve managed to forget what little I learned.

Is it possible for me to use my NB (a BBB with adruino cape) to install HA? Or should I consider buying a Raspberry Pi? I ask because I have a number of 433mhz devices (that came with the NB) that I’d still like to use.

I’ve tried to Google/search stuff, but it’s all disparate/all over the place, so I was hoping for maybe a little guidence and/or links to tutorials, etc.

I am trying to spend as little money as possible, and I think the rest of my home automation environment/devices will be compatible with HA. I am not against spending ~$50 for Raspberry Pi either. Just trying to keep the ecosystem simple. Thank you.

A Pi3 is the cheapest option for getting started, I don’t believe anybody has tried getting Home Assistant to work on a Ninjablock (I’d never heard of it before).

In terms of 433MHz, there are a couple of main options supported by HA, there’s RFLink, and RFXtrx. Whether either of them will support your existing devices I have no way of knowing.

There’s also support for direct control of switches, and many forum posts on hacking a solution.

I was figuring on a Pi3, maybe an SD card. I did find a solution where someone figured out a way to have their NB link/talk with their Pi for that functionality. I was just hoping I could put in the the NB (since I already have one, and have the motivation) where the soonest I’d get a Pi is by the weekend :-D.