Generic service homeassistant.turn_on does not work on helper of type schedule

As per the title, I am trying to control the state of a schedule helper.
The use-case: schedule indicates an action…‘on’, shows a picture
When I tap on it, indicating that the action is done, it should set the schedule helper to ‘off’
Is this missing functionality and should I raise a feature request?
Alternatives I have but I was hoping to use the simplest one

There are no services for the schedule helper.

It only turns on and off depending on the defined schedule.

It is a entity so why not allow control it by a service?
For now I am using hass-entities to manage
IMO similar as for other helpers it would be consistent to generalize homeassistant.turn_on/off/toggle should apply to all that behave as a binary

Because you don’t turn the schedule on and off. That is what the schedule itself does, turn on and off based on the times you specify.

That I understand but one should be able to switch (anything) off other than changing the schedule. Anyhow, I have my solution for it without using a boolean helper in the middle
I am sure there are plenty of other examples and my take on it is: why limit the service?

It’s new. It may be expanded in future. There are some interesting WTH posts about it.


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