Generic thermostat after update to 2022.12 went wonky, displays C should be F

I employ several Generic thermostat’s in Home assistant. After update 2022.12 all display cards now seem to be converting the values to C, when it should be F.

The actual sensor’s by there self’s still report and display there value as F,

I have HA General settings set to Fahrenheit.

My Generic thermostat yaml:

# --house heat
  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: House heat
    unique_id: househeat1234
    heater: switch.thermostat_main_2
    target_sensor: sensor.thermostat_main_ds18b20_temperature
    min_temp: 50
    max_temp: 79
    ac_mode: False
    target_temp: 70
    cold_tolerance: 0.5
    hot_tolerance: 0.5
      seconds: 45
      minutes: 3
    #initial_operation_mode: "auto"
    initial_hvac_mode: "heat"
    away_temp: 63
    precision: 0.1

Bug or misconfiguration ?

Did you set the correct country in your global settings?

Yes, Via Settings > Systems > General

I have reverted back to 2022.11.4 for now. as it was not triggering the heat, and same with all my Generic thermostat’s. Also open a issue on github because I think it’s a bug.

Please report it:

I did. However, I did it under Frontend issues.
Kind of felt like a frontend issue. :man_shrugging:

Great, and no worries, it can be moved if deemed a backend issue.

I think I figured out what was happening.

To remedy the country code error I completely removed ALL location .yaml entries in favor for the gui entry, and set localization there.

That’s where the problem creeps in, When I use the gui localization settings.

All seems to be working well with .yaml localization set.

Not sure what happening but it working now.