Generic thermostat and RPi RF switch sometimes not working

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, I bought a few DIO - like relay switch (controlled through RF module on Raspberry Pi) to control my electric heaters.
I have built a configuration file with a generic heater platform, two input slider (for confort and eco temperatures) and an input boolean to select between the two temperature.

I have crated a few automation to switch the boolean on or off at certain hour.

Usually the system works fine, but sometimes the switch linked to the RF module don’t seem to send the order. (see attached file). The state seems to be changed but the actual heater stays on (or off). When this happens, I usually press on the thunder icon of the switch manually and it turns the heater in the right position.

The switches are configured to repeat the RF signals every few minutes. I am not sure whether this is a problem of the thermostat entity or the switch.

I have two thermostats set up with two sets heaters and I have seen this issue occurring on both (but not at the same time as they are also controlled through different input slider, boolean and automation).

If you have any idea or need additional information don’t hesitate to ask,

Would anyone have any idea ?

The only thing I was able to do since last month was to add a notification to my phone when the temperature goes to far from the thermostat order so I can fix it manually.