Generic Thermostat Defaults 2022.2.9

I wonder if someone here can offer some clarity on the configuration of the thermostat… It seems like it should be a very small config change, but I can’t seem to find the answer I need.

The situation is very simple, I added a couple of thermostats (Centralite Pearl Thermostat using zigbee if anyone is interested) and Home Assistant connects and operates them almost perfectly out of the box. The tiny issue I have, is there doesn’t seem to be a way of modifying the global (default) ‘hot_tolerance’ or ‘precision’ values without creating different zones separately in a config file, which seems completely unnecessary given that everything else for the most part is satisfactory.

Anyone know if this is possible?

version 2022.2.9


Would you mind letting me know whether you’re using ZHA, deCONZ or Zigbee2MQTT and what dongle you have? I can’t get my Pearl’s working 100% in deCONZ with Conbee II (no cool function in HA) but works a little better with ZHA and a CC2531 dongle.

And sorry, didn’t fully understand your question above so couldn’t comment.

If you haven’t already solved this… I use the sonoff zigbee dongle, it connected to the thermostat effortlessly. Has all the climate functions set up immediately, and with the exception of not knowing how to fine tune a couple of things, it’s perfect.

Thanks for that. Are you using ZHA too with that dongle?