Generic Thermostat Improvements

I’d like to add a couple of features/changes to the generic thermostat component.

  1. Keep Alive - my A/C unit has the thermostats incorporated into its remote controls, and depends on IR packets from the remotes to know when to turn on and off, based on temperature. This works with the generic thermostat. However, the A/C unit automatically shuts off if it doesn’t receive an IR packet from the remote for a while, which can happen when reaching the target temperature takes a long time. I suggest an optional keep-alive field in the generic thermostat configuration. When configured, it will automatically send the switch.on or signals (depending on whether the A/C is supposed to keep working or to stay in standby mode) at the defined interval.
  2. Add option to change the operation mode. Currently, the only way to switch from heating to cooling and back (that I found, at least), is via the ac_mode configuration field, and thus requires a configuration change. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to do that twice a year :slight_smile: But, since the other thermostat components have this functionality, why not add it to the generic thermostat, as well? I believe a switch between heating and cooling in the frontend will be great.

What do you think?

Hi, any update on this?
I really miss an option to switch between heating and cooling mode on the frontend. I am using Lovelace Thermostat card.

Sorry, I haven’t worked on this for a while… I don’t know when I’ll have the time to add that feature.

No problem, it is getting warmer now, so I just checked if there is an update on this. Thanks in advance.
I will come back in November :smiley: