Generic thermostat not turining on

I have the following entry in configuation.yaml and after restart it shows up fine. However, shelly switch does not change state

 - platform: generic_thermostat
   name: "Heating"
   heater: switch.shelly1mini_543204b9d124_switch_0
   target_sensor: sensor.first_floor_temperature
   min_temp: 15
   max_temp: 23
   ac_mode: false
   target_temp: 17
   cold_tolerance: 0.3
   hot_tolerance: 0
     seconds: 5
     minutes: 3
   initial_hvac_mode: "off"
   away_temp: 16
   precision: 0.1 

I think I am using wrong entities but I copied them from settings\entities

Doing further tests I see that thermostat goes to idle instead of heating. The documentation does not mention “idle”. I am not sure how this works.

Idle is the “state” (hvac_action attribute) that the system is in when on but above set temperature. Here’s mine:

Why do you set initial_hvac_mode: off?

Can you provide the same screenshot for your climate entity please?


So that’s on-but-not-running (state heat, hvac_action: idle) despite the current temperature being 0.8°C lower than the set temperature. Possibilities:

  • You’ve declared a cold_tolerance that hasn’t been reached;
  • You’ve declared a min_cycle_duration that’s blocking re-start.

Here’s mine, currently running (‘hvac_action: heating’) until the hot_tolerance is reached:

The issue was with wrong temperature sensor, somehow I copied the wrong sensor id.

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