Generic thermostat questions: DIY Nest-type setup

Hi - first question after a few days of tinkering. Outline of my system is:

Wemos Mini ESP8266 with DHT22 sensor and 433Mhz transmitter. 433 successfully sets boiler on or off. DHT readings successfully published via MQTT. ESP8266 is subscribed to mqtt switch on HA system using internal mqtt broker, and uses its state to set boiler on or off.

switch boiler:
  - platform: mqtt
name: "Central heating"
state_topic: "switch/boiler"
command_topic: "switch/boiler"
optimistic: false
qos: 0
retain: true

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: generic_thermostat
  name: Heating
  heater: switch.central_heating
  target_sensor: sensor.temperature
  min_temp: 12
  max_temp: 25
  target_temp: 20.5
    seconds: 5

So my questions: this setup works fine for maintaining a target temperature. I would like to add some more thermostat-like behaviour: scheduling, away-mode, manual override. Climate seems to have this capability but it’s not clear how to configure it within generic_thermostat. It feels like I might be better off creating a set of automations (independent of a climate component) that just use the sensor input and switch output. Or can I add modes of operation to the generic thermostat? Thanks for any guidance or experience you can contribute

Guess not. Or maybe my question was too vague. I’ll try some specifics elsewhere. Cheers.

If you go to the Services (in the Developer Tools) and select the climate domain, you will find several mechanisms to perform the things you are asking.

The documentation on most options can be found here:

Thanks - I’ve read the docs you link to. my question was specifically about the generic thermostat. At least at the time of writing, the generic thermostat was a slightly half-cooked piece of work with several parts of the climate protocol unsupported (including away-mode and manual override). That may well have changed since I last looked. I was looking for some indication of the relative merit of wiating on an update vs cobbling together a bespoke version that uses it’s own logic. Since writing that, I’ve just paused dev until I have more time to revisit, but I’d still be interested to know i the generic version has been updated.