Generic Thermostat with conditions

I have a garage which is pretty expensive to heat. At the moment I use the generic thermostat with an electric radiator + a temp sensor. Is there some way to use the generic thermostat with a condition?

I have set up a binary sensor that returns true of solar is generating more than 1kW. I use this for controlling my dehumidifier amongst other things, but that’s a simple on/off via a switch. What I would like is a way to set e target temperature of say 10 degrees celsius, but only heat when solar is generating electricity.

Is that possible?


There is a HACS Scheduler-Card that you can create schedules with conditions.

Eg. Set temp/mode when away/home/solarkW…

You can use any sensor including template binary sensors, helpers, etc for conditions.

Great! I’ll check that out immediatly. Thanks a lot!

Sure. A simple automation could do that.

Of course, but i would like the ui of Generic Thermostat (or similar) as well.

You would still have it. The automation simply controls its operation based on your criteria (whether solar is generating electricity).


You’re right @123, I was thinking about this the wrong way.

This is what I ended up with:

- id: 'solar_heating'
  mode: single
  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.solar_generating_power
    - service: climate.turn_{{ trigger.to_state.state }}
        entity_id: climate.garage

edit: this is my binary sensor

        minutes: 5
      value_template: >-
        {{ ( states.sensor.power_ac_fronius_inverter.state|float > 1000 ) }}