Generic weather?

Is there an integration that bundles the data from a local weather station into a “weather” type?

There are plenty of cards to display the current weather nicely, but I haven’t found anything like that for a bunch of measurements. And while looking at 30 raw values certainly is interesting, usually a quick overview is more convenient.

Search the official HA integrations page for weather providers, or HACS or make a template weather provider if you have all the sensors.


This is the way. It’s quite tricky to pull all the bits together: I did this recently for adapting the UK Met Office new DataHub API into a weather object whilst there isn’t yet an integration for this. This might help you see what’s required:

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Indeed. It took me 2.5 hours just for this:

  - platform: template
    name: "My Weather"
    unique_id: "myweather"
    condition_template: "{{ [states('weather.kugelberg_o_w_4'), 'rainy', 'pouring'][(states('sensor.gw2000a_rain_rate')|float > 0) + (states('sensor.gw2000a_rain_rate')|float > 7.6)] }}"
    temperature_template: "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_outdoor_temperature') | float }}"
    temperature_unit: "°C"
    humidity_template: "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_humidity') | float }}"
    dew_point_template: "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_dewpoint') | float }}"
    apparent_temperature_template: "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_feels_like_temperature') | float }}"
    attribution_template: "Garden"
    pressure_template: "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_relative_pressure') | float }}"
    pressure_unit: "hPa"
    wind_speed_template: "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_wind_speed') | float }}"
    wind_gust_speed_template: "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_wind_gust') | float }}"
    wind_speed_unit: "km/h"
    wind_bearing_template:  "{{ states('sensor.gw2000a_wind_direction') | int }}"

But the main question I now have is why the weather template is so hidden. It doesn’t show up in integrations (like Generic Thermostat does, which also is a yaml-only thing) and googling for it is useless. Also, why is this even a yaml thing? When one doesn’t want/need to do some value mapping it’d be a trivial GUI. If this was blueprintable, it’d take me 20 minutes to write the blueprint for it. The hardest thing would be finding the correct values for the entity filters…